We will investigate Bidens’ shady business dealings when Republicans take the house in November

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthymember of the House Judiciary Ranking Jim Jordanand member of the House Oversight ranking james comer wrote an editorial in the New York Post stating that if the GOP takes control of the House in November, they will pursue investigations into the October 2020 Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

Here is the context: An article published 20 days before the 2020 presidential election by the Post discussed emails allegedly discovered on a laptop belonging to Biden hunter.

The story claimed that Joe “Big Guy” Biden persuaded Ukrainian government officials to remove a prosecutor who was investigating a Ukrainian energy company, after his son, hunter Biden, introduced the current president to the company’s senior executive.

“We continued these sons despite the Democrats’ refusal to cooperate,” the Republican trio wrote in the op-ed published Friday.

Here are the details: GOP lawmakers allege that those close to Joe Biden made money in countries where he wielded influence as vice president.

They say Hunter served on the board of directors of a Ukrainian company in an area he was unfamiliar with and claim that his father’s position as a point of contact for U.S.-Ukrainian policy was his only qualification. Hunter.

The three lawmakers claim Hunter promised access to his father while Biden was vice president, who complied with invitations to the vice presidential mansion and the White House.

Republicans allege these practices continued during Biden’s four-year government hiatus.

The op-ed also claims the Bidens received hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars while doing virtually no work.

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GOP leaders write that James BidenJoe’s brother, boasted to his domestic and international business partners that if Biden became president, their businesses would prosper and receive support from the US government.

The editorial points out that more than 150 suspicious activity reports have been sent to the Treasury Department by US banks after noticing suspicious activity involving James and Hunter.

McCarthy, Jordan and Comer write that they “have discovered answers, but many questions remain”. Congressional Republicans say that if they take control of the House in November, the GOP will “commit to uncovering the facts that Democrats, Big Tech and the legacy media have suppressed.”

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