What to do with the media blackout of the latest Hunter Biden scandal

The establishment media established a new motto: “If we don’t cover it, it didn’t happen.” The consistent silence of supposed journalism flagships in response to the release of yet another Hunter Biden video last week confirms the corrupt media’s adoption of the maxim.

On Wednesday, the Daily Mail first broke the story that he had obtained a copy of a video showing a naked Hunter Biden telling a prostitute that in the summer of 2018, he nearly overdosed during a drug frenzy in Las Vegas. After his return, a Russian woman, Hunter’s drug dealer, and two of the trafficker’s associates remained in the Vegas penthouse, he said, and Hunter later discovered that his laptop was missing.

“I think he was the one who stole my computer,” Hunter told the prostitute. “I think of the three of them, the three guys who were like a little group. The dealer and his two guys, I took them everywhere. “They have videos of me doing this. They have videos of me having crazy sex, you know, ”Hunter said in the video posted by The Daily Mail. “My computer, I had taken tons of it, I stayed like that camera on,” Hunter continued, “and someone stole it during that time.”

In response, the prostitute asked Hunter if he feared the Russian thieves were trying to “blackmail” him. “Yeah, in a way, yeah,” Hunter replied, noting that his father was a “presidential candidate” and “I talk about it all the time.”

While the BBC’s Russian media monitoring reported that on Thursday all three Russian prime-time TV news channels focused on the new video of President Biden’s son, US networks and print media reported. completely ignored the story, even though report on the upcoming Hunter Biden art auction and concerns about influence peddling.

Coverage of the story has remained mostly limited to Fox news and conservative media electrical outlets. While Newsweek ran a room On the tape, the article focused more on how the Conservatives were reacting to the news than on the national security implications flowing from the video.

After providing a summary of the Daily Mail article, the Newsweek article swiveled, stating: “A number of conservative commentators and lawmakers are discussing the Mail report on social networks. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee shared the article and referred to prominent Democratic lawmakers involved in the impeachment of the former president Donald trump. “

Screenshots of tweets from Huckabee, Mollie Hemingway, Nick Adams and Liz Wheeler followed, as if the significance lay not in the revealed national security risk, but in the Tories’ response to the video. But as an expert and professor of law Jonathan Turley Noted, The Daily Mail story “is major news in every way.” Turley continued:

Either the president’s son admitted the Russians had blackmail material on him, or the media (or others) created a fake videotape and falsely framed Biden. One would expect, if it is the latter, that Team Biden would announce a lawsuit today. However, like the coverage of most major news outlets, there is only the familiar sound of crickets.

Turley is right, but downplays the importance of the video: While genuine, the video reveals national security risks extending far beyond Russians having blackmailed material on the president’s son.

First, given the emails and text messages saved on the MacBook that Hunter dumped in a Delaware repair shop, it’s highly likely that the second laptop (the one in Vegas that was stolen) provided the Russians with blackmail material. on Joe Biden regarding “the big guy” and the pay-to-play scandal where Elder Biden allegedly received a 10% discount.

Second, given how Hunter says the computer was stolen, questions abound as to whether Russian agents got close to Hunter and, if so, what they may have learned other than what was contained on the laptop.

Third, the incident raises serious concerns about the strength of US intelligence agencies. Did our intelligence communities know about this video before the Daily Mail published it? Did they know about the stolen laptop? Do they know who stole the laptop and if it was Russian agents? Do they know the extent of the damaging material in the hands of our adversaries? Have they informed Joe Biden and his national security team of their findings?

Hunter Biden’s potential blackmail is paltry compared to the real national security risks revealed by the videos, but the corrupt media doesn’t care.

The fact that the media is not questioning the authenticity of the video indicates that they both believe the videos are real and know that a rehearsal of their performance in October 2020 will not fly in the public eye. This time, in response to the publication of similar videos by the New York Post, corrupt press and intelligence officials called the video “disinformation” long enough to choke the story, have the New York Post removed from its news. platform and support the candidacy of Joe Biden. until election day.

So the only option for a press willing to protect President Biden is to ignore the story.

Margot Cleveland is a senior contributor to The Federalist. Cleveland has served for almost 25 years as a permanent legal assistant to a federal appellate judge and is a former full-time faculty member and assistant instructor at the University of Notre Dame College of Commerce. The views expressed herein are those of Cleveland in a private capacity.

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