When Rekha and Om Puri got physical for real while filming a love scene on a chair

An evergreen beauty, Rekha is considered one of the finest actresses in the Hindi film industry. Whether it’s her dialogue, her brilliant acting skills, or her stunning dance moves, Rekha’s talent remains unmatched to this day. Rekha’s enchanting looks and gorgeous smile can give any actress a run for her money. With all of these qualities in her possession, Rekha has remained one of the favorite stars of her time, and the number of her diehard male fans knows no bounds.

On a personal level, Rekha’s life was not rosy. Although she is the queen of millions of hearts, the actress is single till date. She lived a single life on her own terms, inspiring many women. However, Rekha has had her own share of controversies as she has been involved in numerous scandals in her personal life. One of the many scandals that made headlines was her sex scene with actor Om Puri in one of her movies.

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Rekha had worked with actor Om Puri in the 1997 film, Aastha: In the Prison of Spring, and her chemistry with the actor raised many eyebrows. Even though the film failed to live up to the public’s expectations at the box office, the sultry moments between Rekha and Om Puri caught everyone’s attention. Om Puri portrayed the character of Rekha’s husband in the film, and there were plenty of steamy scenes from the duo which entertained and stunned the audience.

The film features a sex scene between the two actors, in which they were seen making out on a chair. However, apparently Om Puri and Rekha had to go further to make the scene surreal. If reports are to be believed, Rekha and Om Puri had gotten extremely physical while filming their love scene. The two were too involved in the lovemaking process that the chair was about to collapse under the weight of the two actors.

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Rekha’s affair with actor, Amitabh Bachchan needs no introduction as rumors that the two are head over heels in love with each other had swirled around the internet. And all of these reports had impacted Amitabh’s relationship with his wife, Jaya Bachchan. Earlier, in an interview with Stardust, Rekha once revealed that her romantic scenes with Amitabh in the film, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar had hurt Jaya so much that she had started crying looking at him. Speaking of the same, Rekha had said:

“Once I was watching the whole (Bachchan) family across the screening room when they came to see Muqaddar Ka Sikandar’s trial show. Jaya sat in the front row and he (Amitabh) and his parents were in the row behind her. They couldn’t see her as clearly as I could. And during our love scenes, I could see tears streaming down her face.


Rekha has always been the undisputed queen of Indian cinema. However, she has been absent from the big screen for quite some time now.

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