Who is Dillon Jordan? Producer arrested for prostitution ring has contentious past and jailed in Cuba

Mark Ebner woke up on Friday and was surprised to hear news from Dillon Jordan, a 49-year-old film producer who was arrested for using his movie company as a front for a massive prostitution ring.

“It was like Christmas in July,” Ebner said Variety. “They finally got this guy.”

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Ebner is a journalist who has written extensively on the underside of the entertainment industry on his website, HollywoodInterrupted.com. In 2009, he published a book called “Six Degrees of Paris Hilton”, and it originally included a chapter devoted to Jordan and his alleged work as a pimp. Ebner had gained access to Jordan’s hard drive, which he said contained chat logs showing Jordan was involved in prostitution.

But Ebner said his editor, Simon & Schuster, did not want to include the chapter. Ebner therefore decided to publish it on their website in order to promote the book.

Jordan was then imprisoned in Cuba. But he got out, and in December 2010 he sued Ebner and private investigator Danno Hanks for libel and invasion of privacy.

The lawsuit alleged that Ebner had “made up facts” and “manipulated and sensationalized facts to falsely portray the plaintiff as a child pornographer and” Hollywood Pimp “in order to increase sales of his book.” The complaint continued, “Ebner knew that the complainant was not a child pornographer or a Hollywood pimp.”

The complaint acknowledged, however, that Jordan had been detained in Cuba for nearly eight years for soliciting.

According to the complaint, Jordan ran a business called Diablo Entertainment, through which he promoted clubs and planned private parties. He was “well known in the Hollywood community and was friends with several prominent celebrities,” the complaint states.

Jordan traveled to Cuba in 2002 to help a client organize a party and was arrested, according to his complaint. The lawsuit says he was not told why he was being held until several years after his incarceration, when he was told the charge was “solicitation”. He was released in 2010.

Ebner said he was eager to defend himself in court. He had a lawyer who worked on the case for free, but he had difficulty paying the filing fees.

“It was a headache,” he said. “He got a rash that wouldn’t go away.”

Ebner therefore accepted a settlement. He said he did not admit any wrongdoing, but agreed to remove the chapter from his website and pay $ 1,000 to resolve the case.

After that, he said he continued to follow Jordan’s career as Jordan moved into independent filmmaking. In 2018 Jordan produced two films – “Skin” and “The Kindergarten Teacher,” starring Maggie Gyllenhaal. In 2019 he produced “The Kid”, starring Ethan Hawke and directed by Vincent D’Onofrio.

“Whoever called me to check it, I warned them,” Ebner said. “What else could I do? “

Ebner said some people would be baffled that Jordan was able to produce films, given his background.

“Welcome to Hollywood,” Ebner said.

Ebner said he and Hanks presented their information about Jordan to the FBI years ago, but the agency never did.

He was therefore happy to see that Jordan was arrested Thursday at his home in San Bernardino County for money laundering and prostitution. The indictment, unsealed Thursday, alleges Jordan maintained a list of women across the country and arranged for them to meet clients for sex in the United States and the United States. foreign.

The grand jury also alleged that he used his event planning business and film production business to receive payments and pay for the expenses of the prostitution ring. He first appeared in court in Riverside, California, and was released on $ 150,000 bail and ordered to surrender his passport. He is expected to be brought to justice by remote appearance in Manhattan federal court on July 29.

His lawyer, Peter Swarth, did not respond to requests for comment.

“I’m honestly relieved this guy got stuck because he’s a threat,” Ebner said. “I’ve known it forever, and now I’m saying I told you.”

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that Ebner’s editor deleted the Jordan chapter for legal reasons. It was for editorial reasons.

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