Why Kim referenced her old tape at the show’s premiere

Kim Kardashian cried over her old sex tape at The Kardashians premiere and fans are wondering why she brought it up on the new show.

Kim Kardashian cried over her old sex tape on The Kardashians premiere and fans are wondering why she would even talk about it on the new show. Fans are still discussing the events that unfolded during the family’s return to reality TV. At the premiere, Kim cried Kanye West in tears after their son Saint West showed him a Roblox message he received regarding his infamous sex tape with Ray J. The phone call spawned a new Kim meme which mourns and also raised a debate about the X-rated tape still being referenced nearly 20 years later.

Despite being a billionaire business mogul, international superstar, prison reform advocate and mother of four, Kim Kardashian can’t quite shake her infamous adult tape. In 2007, she got a reality show around her family from KarJenners dubbed keeping up with the Kardashians. The show premiered in the months following the release of Kim’s infamous sex tape with her ex Ray J. Many have blamed the tape for being the start of Kim’s fame. Kim has worked hard to earn her respect as a public figure and shake off the stain left by her leaked sex tape.


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But some claim the tape was not leaked and that Kim and Ray J were paid off with the help of Kris Jenner. Reddit user u/DivaAdventures1230 shared a screenshot of a blogger claiming that Kim’s tape was actually a “movie she signed to commercially release,” VladTV claimed. “She was paid several million dollars before she sold a copy”, they wrote. Still, many fans wonder why the tape is still airing so many years later and why Kim would even give the tape a mention on her new show. “Nobody cares now but her,“said a Redditor. “I’m not a fan of Kim, and she may be lying, but that was in the past. Forget it.” added someone else.

Many defended Kim while noting that the tape shouldn’t have been referenced on the new show. Evoking it in the show’s first episode paralleled the tape referenced in the KUWTK first where Kris recognized him. “She said that as a mother she was really upset, but as a manager she saw the benefits,wrote one Redditor. Another said Kris’ comment “announce the colorto find out where she plans to take her family regardless of the scandals surrounding their names. Another fan asked if Kim referenced the tape during the Hulu premiere to drum up sympathy from fans that she was always mentioned.

Not only is the tape still referenced, but now Kim’s kids are getting old enough to understand. Saint is still young and innocent enough not to fully grasp the intent behind the Roblox message he received. But it was a sign of what could continue to happen as Kim’s children grow up. The Kardashians The star was moved by the reality that her past always came back to haunt her. She chose to share it with their world because that’s what she’s paid to do.

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Source: u/DivaAdventures1230/Reddit

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