Woman pleads guilty in federal court for role in Rock County prostitution operation

July 16 – MADISON – A woman pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court for her role in a sex trafficking operation in Rock County.

Tonyiel L. Partee, 29, pleaded guilty to recruiting women for a prostitution operation in 2017 “in reckless disregard of the fact that force, threats of force … (and) coercion … would be used to induce Jane Doe 2 and other adult women to engage in a commercial sex act. “

Court records show Partee has lived at addresses in Beloit, Janesville and Whitewater in recent years.

Partee has been charged with recruiting women to work as prostitutes for Cory D. Hereford, 49 from Beloit, who faces an indictment of seven counts and whose trial is scheduled for August.

Janesville Police initially arrested Hereford, and he was indicted in Rock County Court, but the case was transferred to U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin, apparently because Hereford was charged with having tried to persuade women to go to Georgia with him to engage in sex for money, court documents say.

Partee was indicted after the case went federal.

In a brief filed by the US Attorney’s Office in Madison, Partee is described as having sent Hereford a Facebook message on July 24, 2017, saying that she “put girls to help with money”, and on July 13, 2017 August 2017, that she “got this one mixed up right now.”

Also in the brief, prosecutors cite a text message sent by Hereford in 2017, saying in part: “I have made over $ 500,000 in the past six to seven years doing what I do.… I have worked with over 40 different women … “

Hereford is accused of recruiting and transporting Jane Doe 1, a minor, and Jane Doe 2, an adult, knowing that they would be forced to engage in sex for money; sexual assault of a child; and maintaining 420 S. Franklin St., Janesville, as a location for the distribution and consumption of crack and heroin, all in 2017.

Partee is not billed in relation to the minor.

In another prosecution document, Partee is accused of working as a prostitute for Hereford and recruiting Jane Doe 2, telling her in a Facebook post: “A white girl (identified as Doe 2) is trying (trying de) to earn money here. She is 20 and smokes drugs. … She is ready and beautiful. “

The document also alleges: “Both Jane Does said they were afraid of Hereford, and Jane Doe 2 said she was afraid of Partee.”

The Rock County criminal complaint against Hereford cites a witness who said he used hotels in Janesville and Beloit for prostitution and used heroin or cocaine to help control the women who worked for him.

As part of a plea deal, Partee agreed to make a statement about all of her criminal activities and that of everyone else she knows and to testify in court, and if she provides “substantial assistance,” the US lawyer will recommend the maximum reduction in sentence available. for acceptance of responsibility.

Partee’s sentencing is scheduled for October 7.

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