Woman who shot her husband dead and cut up his body after he swore to force her daughter into prostitution is RELEASED

A WOMAN who shot her dominant husband and cut up his body after he swore to force her daughter and granddaughter into prostitution has been released.

Mafalda Secreto, 65, has admitted shooting brutal Jose Luis Arena in the face after repeated violence and intimidation, an Argentine court has heard.


Mafalda Secreto was released after killing her drug dealer partner Jose Luis ArenaCredit: Newsflash
Arena regularly abused Mafalda and threatened to force her children into prostitution


Arena regularly abused Mafalda and threatened to force her children into prostitutionCredit: Newsflash

During their relationship, he had forced her to sleep with men for money and had even drugged her so that she would lose her respectable job as a seamstress.

A Buenos Aires courtroom hears that Mafalda snapped when he threatened to do the same to his daughter and child.

After shooting the 60-year-old drug dealer in the jaw, she cut off his legs and one arm and hid the body parts in his shed.

Secreto begged her brother to help hide the body, but he called the police, who arrested her for the June 2019 murder.

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But on Monday, a judge ruled that Secreto acted in self-defense as a victim of gender-based violence and found her not guilty.

The prosecution had requested an 18-year prison sentence, even taking into account the mitigating circumstances.

Secreto – from the Argentine capital – had met Arena online when it was time to flog the counterfeit tarmac.

The court heard how, after starting a relationship, he subjected her to daily violence, threats and harassment.

But she never left her partner or reported him to the police because of his strong links to the drug trade and heard fears about his contacts.

It was only when he threatened her family that she waited for him to go to bed, grabbed one of his guns and shot him in the head, killing him instantly.


1) Make a change where you are – at your place of work, school, sports club – is there a policy on domestic violence? Is there a sign in the bathroom or common areas indicating how to get help? Has anyone had training on domestic violence?

2) Dispelling myths about domestic violence and challenging sexism – domestic violence does not happen because you provoked the abuser and it is not your fault if you are abused by your partner – sexist attitudes towards the roles of women and men need to be challenged to end domestic violence.

3) Take action, your voice matters – join campaigns for better protection of survivors or raise funds to enable us to make a change. You can organize an event or participate in a challenge. You can also donate to Women’s Aid or your local domestic violence charity

4) Knowing what to say to an abused person Women’s Aid can help you and help you understand why leaving may not be easy.

5) express yourself – show that we are fighting together against domestic violence. Send us photos and stories about what you are doing in your area or online to help end domestic violence and support survivors. We want to show positive examples of how we can make a difference to encourage others to join us.

Mafalda shot Arena in the head while he slept and cut his body


Mafalda shot Arena in the head while he slept and cut his bodyCredit: Newsflash

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