Yoon’s wife says MeToo cases happen when victims don’t get paid

SEOUL, 16 Jan. (Yonhap) — The wife of leading opposition presidential candidate Yoon Suk-yeol has previously hinted that the MeToo scandals happened because the victims weren’t paid, according to the recording. of a phone call broadcast on Sunday.

Kim Keon-hee was heard making the remark to a reporter from the liberal Voice of Seoul YouTube channel in one of 52 phone conversations they had between July and December last year.

The appeals were recorded and parts of them aired by MBC TV after a court cleared them for broadcast, although parts were omitted, despite a request for an injunction from the conservative People Power party of Yoon.

“Conservatives make sure to pay. They don’t use people for free,” Kim said. “That’s why you don’t see a lot of MeToo cases here. MeToo happens when you don’t pay your dues.”

Kim appeared to be referring to a series of sex scandals involving prominent liberal politicians, including the disgraced former governor of South Chungcheong province, An Hee-jung.

“To be honest, I felt sorry for An Hee-jung,” she said. “My husband and I really side with An Hee-jung.”

Kim also advised conservatives not to follow in the liberal footsteps of not paying victims, saying you never know when the incidents will come back to haunt them.

MBC said Kim sent a written response to the broadcaster’s requests for comment and apologized to the public for the “inappropriate remarks” she made “criticizing certain liberal figures involved in sexual exploitation.” .

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