Yorkshire doubles down on ‘slanderous’ prostitute claims about Wayne Morton

The ‘sacked’ Yorkshire medical chief has hit back at ‘slanderous’ accusations leveled at him after raising concerns about the club’s handling of the Azeem Rafiq race scandal.

Former England physiotherapist Wayne Morton, who is suing Yorkshire for more than £500,000, told Telegraph Sport he was ‘very disappointed’ after County finally answered his breach of contract claim, following his dismissal in December during Lord Patel’s purge of Yorkshire. coaches and medical staff.

The Telegraph last month revealed details of Morton’s trial – including the club’s public disclosure of explosive accusations that he engaged in ‘unlawful’ sexual activity with a prostitute – which laid bare the extraordinary lengths to which Patel-chaired Yorkshire was apparently ready to go see through a mass cull that could end up costing them nearly £2million in damages.

The allegations were called “false”, “false”, “baseless” and “erroneous” in Morton’s claim and “libelous” in public comments by the man himself, but a signed defense at trial by Patel proclaims that the worst of them is “true”.

Speaking at a public hearing into Yorkshire’s handling of their race scandal, Morton strenuously denied all charges against him in a ‘notice of termination for breach of contract’ letter dated December 2 and the defense of his complaint filed by the club on Wednesday.

He added: “I am very disappointed with the approach Yorkshire has taken.”

The allegations Yorkshire dubbed include that Morton: ‘engaged in unprotected sexual activity and intercourse with a prostitute who then also engaged in sexual activity with at least one other senior member of staff of the club”; “bragged about his misconduct to members of the club staff”, although their conduct was “unlawful”; and had had a “sexual relationship with a senior club employee which was at odds with his professional position as the club’s key independent medical supplier”.

Yorkshire also expanded on the accusations that they ‘failed to report’ a complaint that an anonymous former player exposed himself to a masseuse, recounting an alleged discussion he had with chief executive Paul Hudson on 22 November in which he “claimed to have witnessed the alleged abuse”. and “stated that he covered up the alleged abuse and implied that he acted properly in doing so”.

Morton’s claim, which is for damages totaling £559,776.66 plus interest, had denied he had failed to report a matter dating back to 2012, saying it was raised in writing with Colin Graves , then acting CEO of the club.

The Yorkshire defense also double down on accusations that Morton ‘personally orchestrated’ the now infamous letter sent to their board complaining about Rafiq’s ‘individual mission to bring down the club’, the contents of which were later revealed. disclosed to Telegraph.

Morton, whose links to Yorkshire date back to the 1980s, denied leaking the letter about Rafiq or that its contents resulted in the termination of his contract.

But the club’s defense said it should have been ‘obvious’ the letter would ‘damage’ their business relationship and reputation and undermine attempts to show they were ‘committed to fighting racism and harassment’ racial”.

Yorkshire denied Morton’s account of allegations that he ‘promoted’ Richard Pyrah and others when he had no authority to do so, in particular his claim that Hudson himself had asked for his help to appoint the club’s bowling coach as caretaker head coach following the suspension of Andrew Gale on historic Twitter. Publish.

The county also brought a new charge that, regardless of other allegations against him, his Pavilion physical therapy clinic breached its contract with them by contracting out services to others.

Morton’s claim included a copy of a four-year contract he signed with Yorkshire covering the period from January 2020 to December 2023, in which Pavilion would receive £300,000 in the first year, rising to £323,000 in the final year .

In addition to paying Morton, this was to pay for the services of contractors Kunwar Bansil, Peter Miller, Chris Liversidge, Dr Nigel Mayers, Dr Chris Garnett, Dr Mark Nesti and Phil Lee, who nearly all also signed the letter of complaint against Rafik.

Morton’s claim includes monies owed to them, as well as those covered by a separate contract governing the Yorkshire women’s team.

Last month, Yorkshire finally settled the last of seven industrial tribunal claims against them when they agreed to compensate Gale.

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