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My God, what happened to Iowa? My God, what happened to Joni Ernst? I thought our elected senators were supposed to represent everyone in Iowa, not just their base, but I guess I was wrong about that. I thought our senators were supposed to hold their meetings with decorum and professionalism, but I guess I was wrong about that as well. I thought our elected officials would want to try to bridge the gap in this country, but that’s definitely not what Joni Ernst wants to do with these mayoral flame thrower events. So, know that if you go to one of them, you are warned.

Victoria Rossander, Stanton

Insurance price increases must be more than math

As a former volunteer advisor for the Senior Health Insurance Information Program, or SHIIP, I have helped people switch from private insurance to Medicare. I have been surprised to advise people in my community who, before being eligible for Medicare, had purchased insurance through the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

They were hard-working freelancers, ineligible for group insurance or deprived of insurance due to pre-existing conditions. ACA was their last resort, no matter what the cost.

Currently, two companies selling ACA insurance, Wellmark and Golden Rule / UnitedHealth, are planning to increase some premiums up to 21%. Recently, they presented these projected rates to Doug Ommen, Insurance Commissioner of Iowa, for his approval. They explained that the rate increases were strictly based on an actuarial medical loss ratio.

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